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DocSolid delivers Paper2Digital® solutions and services for law firms and legal departments. That’s all we do. That’s enough.

DocSolid’s patented KwikTag Legal and Postmark solutions reduce costs and spark productivity by eliminating paper filing, retrieval, processing and storage burdens. Integrate images with document management, records management, and business software. Smart workflows. Best practice. Enterprise class. Simple. Efficient. Finally.

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Introducing Postmark!

Reduce your firm’s paper by 50% with this breakthrough new solution. Watch the Kwikie video on Postmark.

 Kwikie™ Videos

Kwikies are 2-3 minute videos demonstrating specific solutions, or clarifying Paper2Digital issues. Click the Videos tab on the top navigation bar.

The Paper2Digital White Paper

Here is DocSolid’s latest white paper: The Paper2Digital Law Firm Master Plan White Paper. This gives you a sensible project roadmap to overcome the cost, risk and inefficiency of paper records at your firm.


DocSolid Products


DocSolid solutions remove the cost, risk and inefficiencies of paper records from a legal practice.  KwikTag Legal and Postmark integrate with your document management software (DMS), and are easy to install and use. They fit existing workflows while enabling better ones. Our solutions establish Paper2Digital (P2D) benefits firm-wide, ensuring a fully digital matter file, yet allowing attorneys to work with paper when they want to.

KwikTag Legal® – Best practice scanning for inbound paper documents, embedding capture within your existing DMS and accounting software, to manage related paper digitally.

Postmark® – Enterprise printing controls identify all printed documents that are stored in the DMS, so they can be shredded after use.

P2D Consulting – DocSolid’s expert consultants tailor your project to your firm’s business objectives, culture, and starting point.

P2D Quality Controls – Built-in into the software and workflows, automated quality controls ensure all documents and pages get captured. The software identifies disposition for each processed document, and ultimately enables confident, accountable shredding.

  • DocSolid Announces New Legal Software Integrations

    DocSolid, a leader in enterprise document scanning solutions for the legal market, today announced two new ways to link the scan capture of paper documents to popular legal Document Management Systems (DMS), iManage and NetDocuments. iManage Profile Plus and KwikTag Legal Profile Connect are new additions to the DocSolid solution suite, and were developed in cooperation with DocSolid’s KwikTag® Legal law firm customers, Duane Morris LLP and Gilbert LLP.

    To read the full press release, click here.


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