ROI & Benefits

DocSolid solutions reduce costs and make law firms more productive with information. Use the free ROI calculator to quantify the full cost of paper-related activity in your firm, and measure the return on investment with DocSolid Paper2Digital solutions.

Paper2Digital benefits include:

  • Matter Management Productivity
  • Reduce Document Retrieval Time
  • Reduce Document Filing Time
  • Eliminate Lost and/or Misfiled Documents
  • Enable Distributed and Shared Access
  • Secure Access to Sensitive Documents
  • Reduce Costs of On-Site File Rooms and Office Space
  • Reduce the Cost of Offsite Records Storage
  • Minimize Disaster Risk / Optimize Business Resumption
  • Improve Your Audit & Compliance Procedures

Informational Productivity

In a matter-centric business, this is what it’s all about. KwikTag Legal adds scanned document images to your electronic matter file, so that there is a single place to find, use and store all matter content. And KwikTag Legal makes it easy to do this job. With its patented tagging process, capturing paper is simple and integrated with your document management software. Capture happens without significant new work or process change. And Postmark identifies all printed documents that are resident in the document management system. These documents can be shredded instead of filed and stored. The result is improved matter productivity and work quality. Ultimately, your law practice will have better output and quality with less work.

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