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You’ve made an investment in your firm’s document management system to boost productivity and work quality. Now you can leverage your investment further by capturing all the paper that supports your matters, records and transactions. Chances are you’re not measuring the labor and costs associated with managing your paper, or calculating the potential gains provided by removing paper from your operations.

In the ROI example shown here, a firm with 200 attorneys gains $930,000 per year in work productivity using DocSolid’s Paper2Digital solution, by becoming 20% more productive in the small portion of their time that is impacted by the inefficiencies of paper records. In this example, the DocSolid Solution pays for itself in 9 months, and provides $3.37M in net savings over 5 years.

This ROI spreadsheet helps you clarify a return on investment for a DocSolid Paper2Digital solution at your firm. Get this ROI spreadsheet for your own use by filling in the form, and the Tool will be available to you immediately!

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