Corporate Enterprise

Paper Monster

Incoming paper documents slow down your process, cost money to manage, and withhold information outside of your electronic business systems. Knowledge workers and process workers need a simple, productive way to scan and capture paper documents to the document management system (DMS). The company needs a best practice standard for enterprise scan capture, to ensure efficiency, help desk support, process integrity and security. These objectives should be accomplished without proprietary dependency on machine-based MFP and copier functions.

DocSolid builds solutions for enterprise scan capture based on its two platforms, Airmail2 and KwikTag legal.

Airmail2 is an enterprise scan capture platform.  It is a comprehensive scanning utility that works with any make-model of MFP or scanner, providing image distribution, image filing and document processing. As a cloud-based solution, Airmail2 is easy to deploy and economical to implement. Airmail2 is used for front-office scanning by knowledge workers, to create, use, manage, send and store images.

KwikTag Legal is an integrated document imaging solution. It embeds paper-to-digital process within existing document management software, to capture related paper documents. Users don’t need to learn new scanning software or change their business process.  KwikTag Legal improves business process and extends the value of document management by including scanned paper in the electronic record. Contracts, corporate legal files, or any DMS paper scanning needs are handled by KwikTag Legal.

Any Scanning Device

DocSolid solutions work with any scanning digital copier, MFP, scanner, or fax server. No integration with the scan device is required. No hardware or software add-ons are required. Simply set up a one-button scan workflow, and the device is ready. No logins. No typing at the device keypad. Simple.

Canon. HP. Ricoh. Xerox. Kyocera. Konica Minolta. Sharp. Fujitsu. Oce. Kodak. You can use DocSolid solutions  with all your devices, today and tomorrow.  One button operation. No hardware or software add-ons. No integration between the devices and your network applications. No machine dependencies or proprietary lock-ins.

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