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DocSolid Paper2Digital Solutions

DocSolid Paper2Digital Solutions are specifically built for law firms and law departments, to minimize the cost, risk and inefficiencies of paper records. These patented solutions increase productivity and cut expenses in your legal practice by managing your paper digitally. Establish a fully digital matter file in the document management system (DMS), while allowing attorneys to work with paper when they want to.

No other company provides the range of solutions, the innovation, the consulting, or the focus to Power the Paper2Digital Law Firm.

KwikTag Legal®

KwikTag Legal is an integrated scan capture solution, for connecting, scanning and profiling to software applications like iManage,  OpenText eDocs, Worldox, NetDocuments, Elite and Aderant. KwikTag Legal easily transforms inbound paper documents into electronically filed digital documents, adapted for the way you work, using software and office scanning devices you already own.


Postmark is an enterprise printing solution, to automatically identify printed paper documents that are stored in the DMS, so that those documents can be shredded after use. Postmark works with legal market document management solutions like iManage, OpenText eDOCS, and NetDocuments. More than half of the paper filed in a law firm is a printout stored in the DMS – now this paper can go away, without scanning.

P2D Consulting

P2D Consulting (formerly Scanbition Consulting) sends DocSolid’s expert consultants tailor the project to your firm’s business objectives, culture, and starting point. A Paper2Digital (P2D) transformation is a multi-year initiative, with ROI milestones along the way. DocSolid matches the solution mix with the firm’s ambitions, with start-up projects, and with longterm rollout strategies and plans.

P2D Quality Controls

Docsolid’s patented P2D Quality Controls are built-in software and workflows, providing automated quality controls to ensure all documents and pages get captured. The software identifies disposition for each processed document, and ultimately enables confident, accountable shredding.

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