Reduce your firm’s paper by 50%!

More than half of the paper documents that get handled, filed and stored in a law firm are already electronically filed into a formal Document Management System (DMS). Postmark on PageThese paper documents have been printed because attorneys and staff sometimes prefer to work with paper. The prints are stored, often multiple times, in file rooms, offices and eventually offsite storage. The excessive management and storage of these paper documents is a severe business burden, in terms of cost, risk and operational inefficiencies.

Postmark identifies those paper documents that have been printed from an electronic document that is filed in the DMS, by placing a small bar code in a corner of the printed document. This eye legible bar code on the paper denotes that a corresponding electronic copy is filed in the DMS. After the paper document is used, it can be destroyed instead of filed. Document destruction can be administered by firm-wide or practice policy, at various stages of the paper lifecycle.

Postmark works with leading legal market DMS systems, like iManage and OpenText. It can even work with designated file shares.

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Scan and auto store attorney’s notes back to the DMS

Postmark ScanIn addition to removing this large segment of the paper burden from a law firm, there are other operational advantages to Postmark. Often, electronically filed documents are printed, and manual notes are made on that paper. The hand notated paper becomes a new document, with new information, and must be filed as attorneys notes in the related matter file. If a notated document has a Postmark, it can be scanned and auto-filed, because the Postmark bar code is used to link the scanned image to the related client-matter-folder-description.

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