DocSolid and Sustainability

The Green (and Profitable) Side of Paper Capture

“With KwikTag, Dechert has scanned and filed an average of 200,000 pages per month – and this number is steadily increasing as adoption becomes more widespread. The cost savings to store electronically rather than physically is huge.”  Michael Shannon, CIO, Dechert, LLC

Legal organizations and paper have been linked since the first contract was inked. But this relationship harbors serious drawbacks.

Paper is inefficient and costly. It gets lost. It gets misfiled. It costs a lot to order, use and store. And paper records leave a huge carbon footprint!

It’s time to scan paper AND save money, while boosting your firm’s green initiative.

Each document you convert to digital means less money and energy spent on file rooms, storage and the movement of paper. Your paper mountain is growing. Scanning reduces costs, waste and helps your legal organization become green. So go green and create a more sustainable future.

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