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I was speaking to one of our new customers recently. Their rollout had just begun with a pilot of 100 users. As a large corporate legal environment, projects move more deliberately than in our traditional law firm customers.

My contact, David was happily reporting the positive reception the users were giving KwikTag. Our tagging method was proving popular because it enabled the legal staff there do the profiling and their FM to do the scanning. This separation of “church and state”, seen at many of our law firm customers was evident even in the corporate world.

David recounted a demonstration that his boss, Joe provided to some visiting FM folks who were checking on this very high profile account. Besides KwikTag, the FM had included eCopy embedded into many of their new machines. One of its features enables users to profile a document standing at the copier for delivery into iManage.

The demo consisted of standing at the copier and entering the profile information at the control panel using the embedded software and the keypad of the device. This process took 6 minutes, for a single document. Fortunately, Joe only had one document because he would have to repeat the steps for a second.

Joe then walked over to his desk, used his desktop with its iManage client and full sized keyboard to profile a document. Then walked over to the same copier, selected KwikTag as the scan destination and hit go. This process took 2 minutes. he pointed out that he could have profiled multiple documents at his desk and then dropped in the whole stack to send to KwikTag.

Joe’s demo was a way of asking the obvious question: Why would someone stand at a copier to profile, when they could sit at their desk and have someone else scan for them?

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