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As hybrid office planning continues to evolve in the majority of law firms across the country, firms can no longer rely on the typical scan-to-email approach. This cobbled together method of daily mail delivery is inefficient and it creates cybersecurity liability for the firm. This is where the Airmail2 Digital Mailroom comes in.

DocSolid’s Airmail2 Digital Mailroom completely transforms a law firm’s paper centric mail into a secure, efficient digital operation. Airmail2 is setting the standard as a best practice for law firm digital mailrooms because of how well it facilitates hybrid work. Legal mail items contain client information that is confidential and time sensitive. Therefore, the methods for processing the daily mail digitally must incorporate the same standards applied for all client data at the firm.

The Airmail2 Digital Mailroom was engineered from the ground up to solve the security and compliance requirements of law firms with direct digital delivery of daily mail fully integrated into the firm’s document management system (DMS). Sensitive information is protected and governed by DMS best practices consistent with the firm’s information governance policy.

To upgrade a law firm mailroom with a best-practice digital mailroom solution such as Airmail2, the firm’s stakeholders must gain an appreciation for the distinct differences and advantages of implementing a new digital mailroom operation. This information should help leaders understand the business case as it relates to their law firm. After that, DocSolid can be called upon to help define the scope of a project including requirements, objectives and budget requirements.

In order to upgrade your mailroom to a best-practice digital mailroom, it is important to understand a few of the fundamental differences and advantages:

Security and Information Governance

Law firms are quite often driven by security and information governance concerns. Legal mail items contain sensitive client information. The typical scan-to-email approach that most law firms have in place today involve a variety of security risks that put the firm and their client’s sensitive information at risk. A best-practice digital mailroom operation delivers the mail directly into the law firm’s DMS where confidential client information is properly secured and governed.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency
Recognize the amount of labor, quantified in people and dollars terms, that is consumed by continuing to support makeshift scan-to-email methods. A best-practice digital mailroom is labor efficient with batch work so that it requires fewer mailroom clerical staff, reducing the cost to operate it. Stop the wasteful mail handling time currently in the hands of attorneys and legal assistants who do not have time to be distracted by the redundant delivery of paper mail.

Overall Business Process Improvement
Mailrooms are scanning daily mail because some of that mail belongs in the DMS. But how do you know that ever even happened? A best-practice digital mailroom closes the loop on business process because it is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for getting mail into the DMS. It accomplishes this seamlessly with built-in quality controls, automatic email notifications and operator alerts. And one more thing… The process is faster too. Speed wins.

Attorney / Employee Experience

A best practice digital mailroom achieves an attorney-focused experience that does not require employees to change the ways they work. For mail recipients, it is a reliable daily routine, no matter where they may be physically working on any given day. Everyone appreciates the consistent experience you get with Airmail2 automated notifications and the option of communicating back to the mailroom. It is ideal for workers to have a few things that they can rely on operating the same way every day. The importance of this is greater than ever with hybrid work. The daily mail is a fundamental physical office function that is essential for law firms.


Labor is a one of the biggest considerations when deciding to budget for a new Digital Mailroom system. Ongoing labor costs are going to cost more than the purchase price of the software.

With scan-to-email, or even the old convention of physical mail distribution, operational labor costs add up quickly. This tends to be overlooked, but it becomes easy to see how these costs add up when the operational labor is taken into consideration for everyone that plays a part in supporting the mailroom operation. Contributing to the cost of a digital mailroom operation, consider the following:

  • Mailroom labor
  • Mail recipients labor
  • Quality control work
  • Physical paper mail delivery & disposition
  • Help desk, administration, IT involvement, supervision

The redundancy caused by a scan-to-email approach leads to additional labor costs that are avoided with a digital mailroom solution like Airmail2. Scanned mail has to be scanned and emailed to recipients, but in most instances, the mail is also physically delivered as well. This becomes double the amount of work for the mailroom staff, but it also adds work for recipients as they have to reconcile both the digital and physical documents while also creating the work of disposing of the physical mail once they are done with it.


The overhead costs of maintaining an inefficient mailroom operation alone makes a best practice digital mailroom operation a fiscally responsible decision for a law firm. Scan-to-email is bleeding money from the firm each day it is kept in place, while the cybersecurity risks are akin to playing Russian Roulette with confidential client information. It’s impossible to align daily mail delivery with the hybrid work variability of each employee in every office location… Unless you adopt a best practice solution.

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