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Digitized mail in a law firm has unique security, governance and compliance needs. Airmail2 is the best practice Digital Mailroom solution for secure digital delivery integrated with iManage.

  • Delivers scanned legal mail into iManage folders

  • Automatically notify mail recipients with secure NRL hyperlinks to view mail items in iManage

  • iManage access is not needed for mailroom operators

Airmail2 is iManage Universal API Certified

PROBLEM: Sending scanned images of paper mail as email attachments puts client information at risk.

Scanning sensitive client information and sending those documents to the recipient(s) as email attachments increases the firm’s exposure to a variety of security risks. It also impedes process integrity and undermines a firm’s information governance.

The Airmail2 Digital Mailroom solution integrates with iManage for direct-to-DMS delivery of legal mail. Leading law firm’s are transforming their daily mail operation with Airmail2 + iManage because it is a best practice for secure, efficient digital delivery. Keep attorneys and staff productive wherever they choose to work.

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The best practice Digital Mailroom solution integrated with iManage.

iManage Integrates with Postmark Scan by DocSolid

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