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Direct to DMS Scanning for Modern Law Firms


How It Works

  1. After selecting a Deliver To in the Airmail2 software program, a Postmark stamp is placed on the first page of the paper document, tagging it with a unique barcode.
  2. Stamped documents can be scanned in stacks.
  3. Airmail2 reads the instructions for each barcode, directing the digital documents into a recipient’s destination folder in NetDocuments.
Airmail2 Software Workflow Infographic
Digital Mailroom Software Screenshot UI

Airmail2 delivers Daily Mail and Document Requests into NetDocuments.

NetDocuments + Airmail2
Document Management System
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Digital Mailroom Design is essential for Normal Now

Digital Mailroom Design

Daily mail is mission critical because it contains client information that is confidential and time sensitive. Airmail2 is essential for keeping a hybrid workplace productive and secure.

Airmail2 has been engineered to address this need and has evolved to become the standard for a best practice Digital Mailroom solution. For example, the simple user interface has just one required field. The integrated Active Directory lookup is location aware for multiple offices. Batch work processes enable clerical operators to work productively, with minimal training, and without password access to the DMS. Barcoded stamps connect the digital document to the physical paper for proper information governance. Automated quality controls and the remote help desk provide operational integrity.

Unsecure scan-to-email and complicated multi-function copier interfaces are avoided.

A zero footprint deployment allows for a rapid, multi-office rollout.

Each new system is deployed with DocSolid’s Paper2Digital consulting as a fixed-fee engagement to configure Airmail2 system options and workflows according to the distinct requirements of each client. Airmail2 uses certified integrations for iManage, NetDocuments and other document repositories.

Airmail2 Benefits

Airmail2 provides secure, digital delivery of daily mail to lawyers and staff working from home, in office or remote. Scanned documents are delivered into the DMS folder designated for the recipient(s). Workflows are configurable in the software to deliver different types of mail to different destinations.

Design productive, secure workflows that eliminate unnamed PDF attachments and prevent cybersecurity problems. The typical scan-to-email approach puts confidential client information at risk and undermines information governance policies.

Airmail2 Advantages


  • Break up the work for process efficiency

  • Fast, assisted indexing

  • Scan stacks

  • Easy operation for use in all office locations

  • Adjusts to variable staffing conditions


  • Does not rely on scan-to-email

  • Uses existing DMS security and Active Directory

  • Operators don’t require DMS logins


  • Scan job prioritization

  • Robust, scalable image processing

  • Help desk software

  • Built on proven scan platform

Universal Design

  • Pre-built DMS integrations

  • Use any model multi-function copier or dedicated scanners

  • Active Directory synchronization for profiling

Quality Controls

  • QC software with integrated workflows

  • Paper disposition

  • Veritag® tracks every document with automated alerts

  • Reporting

Simple Operation

  • Simple, single process for delivering files or mail

  • Easy user interface optimizes repetitive steps

  • Supplies facilitate the work

Rapid Deployment

  • Hosted Cloud – Microsoft Azure

  • Ready-made DMS integrations

DocSolid Expertise

  • Paper2Digital Consulting

  • Law firm focus and expertise

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