Postmark Upgrade Program for KwikTag Legal Customers2022-06-13T15:14:55-07:00

KwikTag Legal
End of Life (EOL)

The end-of-life policy for KwikTag Legal along with FAQs and other resources are provided here to help our KwikTag Legal customers better manage the end-of-life transition and to understand the role that DocSolid can play in helping to migrate to alternative DocSolid platforms and technology.
  • Postmark Scan replaces KwikTag Legal with all the same functionality and more.

  • Customers receiving like-for-like features when upgrading will incur only services fees.

  • Upgrade now or request a new quote.

Contact us to request a quote and get your upgrade scheduled.

Postmark Scan by DocSolid
DocSolid Kwiktag Legal Upgrade to Postmark Scan


KwikTag Legal is now Postmark Scan

New Software. More Options.
Faster Performance.

Feature Set - Scanback

One button.
Any MFP / copier.
No typing. Scan stacks.

Next-gen convenience scanning complements our structured scanning.
Feature Set - Postmark Stamps

Convenience scanning with the simplicity
of a stamp.

Stamps are a friendly alternative to labels.
Mailman Image Processing Engine

Get improved image processing performance optimized for new server technologies.

MM3 image processing engine is now more powerful than ever.
Postmark Scan & Scanback

Lifecycle Dates


Why should our law firm upgrade from KwikTag Legal to Postmark Scan?2019-07-08T19:19:26-07:00
  • New convenience scanning:  Postmark Scanback is included for each existing KwikTag Legal user’s license, no added cost.1
  • Improved performance:  Mailman Ver. 3 introduces substantial throughput and monitoring improvements. Mailman is the document image processing engine installed on the server that now runs scanned imaging jobs in parallel to optimize speed, and it now fully utilizes the greater processing power available from newer servers including virtual machines.

1. Additional user licenses for Scanback can be purchased separately.

How does this upgrade relate to DMS compatibility and Windows Server versions?2021-10-21T13:34:06-07:00
  • DMS Compatibility:  Postmark Scan is compatible with all newer versions of DMS software including iManage Work10. This is a key consideration as our KwikTag Legal customers upgrade to newer versions of iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText eDOCS, etc.
  • Windows Server Compatibility:  Postmark Scan is compatible with Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019. Moving to a new Windows Server is typically the ideal time to upgrade the software because it is less expensive to pay for services that encompass both a server migration and a software upgrade -done at the same time as one project. KwikTag Legal is not compatible with Windows Server 2019. Effective January 14th 2020, Windows Server 2008 will no longer be supported by DocSolid, consistent with Microsoft’s end-of-support schedule.
Do we have to pay for this upgrade?2019-07-08T19:56:05-07:00

The standard software support agreement covers the cost of upgrading to Postmark Scan from KwikTag Legal for the existing servers and user licenses. There is a modest professional services fee to re-deploy the newly configured system. A quote will be provided for the upgrade project along with details about other new Postmark software platform options and incentives.

What will happen if we do not upgrade?2021-07-08T12:24:39-07:00
Software development for KwikTag Legal ceased in 2020. After June 2022, standard support will no longer be available. Eventually, the KwikTag Legal product will be fully deprecated, i.e. obsolete.
Why was the KwikTag Legal brand name replaced?2021-07-08T09:59:21-07:00

We certainly appreciate how many DocSolid customers are familiar with the legacy product name and like it. We will miss it too! Postmark Scan works just like KwikTag Legal, but it is faster, smarter and functionally richer technology. Today, DocSolid’s Postmark software platform of Paper2Digital solutions delivers best practice scanning, printing and shredding for law firms with a full suite of products that can be purchased separately or together.

More than a cosmetic change, it represents a generational change for DocSolid’s mainstay structured scanning solution. This transition introduces new technology like the Mailman3 engine for improved performance. It also complements the new Postmark Scanback software to provide convenience scanning with personalized DMS delivery using stamps. Essential IT considerations include DMS software compatibility, cloud migrations and the product lifecycle for Windows Server versions. All things considered, it is a necessary and positive change.

Can we continue using the KwikTag Legal labels and dispensers we currently use?2020-02-18T18:27:12-07:00

Yes. Please continue using your existing labels and dispensers as usual. All the KwikTag Legal labels you have purchased previously will continue to work with Postmark Scan.

  • When re-ordering labels after the upgrade, you will receive Postmark labels. They are the same except for branding. You will also have the new option to enable individual users with Postmark Stamps for everyday convenience scanning.
  • You can order Postmark branded dispensers if you wish to replace the old KwikTag versions, but that is optional because the shape and size of the Postmark labels and dispensers are the same.

Postmark Scan
Label Dispenser

Postmark Scan Label Dispensers

Colors: Blue and Orange

We are on iManage Work10 now, or plan to be soon. Is Postmark compatible?2020-02-18T15:53:20-07:00

Yes. Postmark Scan and the full suite of Postmark solutions for iManage are fully compatible with iManage Work10. In fact, upgrading Postmark before making the transition to Work10 is ideal because it helps the firm promote iManage powered by Postmark as one cohesive unit in terms of the communication strategy, documentation and user training.

iManage Integrates with Postmark Scan by DocSolid
What are Postmark Stamps for?2021-04-20T23:44:51-07:00

Stamps are interchangeable with Labels in terms of how they work with Postmark, but they differ in terms of how and where they are used in a law firm. Form follows function… Stamps are for walk-up convenience scanning with Postmark Scanback. Labels are for high-volume, structured scanning workflows with Postmark Scan.


For everyday firm-wide convenience scanning that works with any multi-function copier and the press of one button.

  • Who: Attorneys, Legal Assistants

  • Where: Practice areas, Front office

  • When: Everyday walk-up Convenience Scanning

  • How: Barcoded Stamps in easy-to-load rolls (100 Qty. Stamps)


For high-volume, structured scanning workflows including day-forward digitization projects and bulk scanning for closed matters or office moves.
Postmark Label Dispenser - Orange
  • Who: Records Personnel and Copy Center Staff

  • Where: Back office, Operations, Copy center

  • When: Structured Scanning workflows, Bulk scanning projects

  • How: Barcoded Labels in large-capacity fast motion dispensers (500 Qty. Labels)

Still have upgrade questions?

Postmark is the software platform for firm-wide scanning, printing and shredding. Workflows fit your environment and integrate with your DMS. Please contact us if we can assist you further.


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