How Postmark Print Works

Postmark Print places a small bar code in a corner of a printout if it is currently stored in the DMS. The bar code on the paper indicates that a corresponding electronic file is in the DMS. This is a print-time application that does not alter any DMS contents. It works on documents printed from Word, Outlook Emails, PDF viewers, and Excel.

Postmark Print by DocSolid

Scan and Auto-file Hand Notated Documents

Printmark confirms we got this!Postmark printouts that are hand-notated can be scanned and auto-filed back into the related matter file in the DMS. Simply drop the paper document in any scan device and press the Postmark Scan button. The Postmark server reads the bar code, and auto-files the scan job as a PDF in the related client-matter folder. This makes it easy to store attorney’s document edits or handwritten notes back into the DMS.

Scan Attorney’s Notes

Integrated Software


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Postmark Print is integrated with legal market DMS solutions. It can also work with file shares and other managed repositories. For any managed repository, Postmark Print can tell you – We Got This!