Airmail2 provides an enterprise scan capture platform, enabling simple, productive,  uniform use of all the scanning devices across the company. Airmail2 scans with any make-model of digital copier, multifunction printer (MFP) or scanner, with the touch of one button.

Users love Airmail2 because it’s easy to use. A CIO loves it because it’s easy install and support. A CFO loves it because the low-cost subscription makes it easy to buy.

Airmail2 solutions are available for:

Law Firms

Corporate Enterprise

Managed Print Services

To learn more read the Airmail2 FAQ

Airmail2 – Enterprise Scan Capture Advantages:

  • OCRs and converts to PDF and other file formats
  • Uses any make and model of MFP, digital copier or scanner, with a one-button operation
  • Delivers scanned images thru email as a link or an attachment
  • Writes scanned images directly to designated network filing or processing locations
  • Secures, logs and audits scanning activity
  • Scans into document management systems and other repositories
  • Connects to managed print services (MPS) systems
  • Deploys from the cloud
  • Annual subscription service

Airmail2 comes standard with 3 basic functions. Additional options to connect to document management systems or managed print services systems are available.

  • Airmail2 Me – Scans are sent back to a user’s email
  • Airmail2 You – Scans are sent to outbound email addresses
  • Airmail2 Folder – Scans are written to network folders for filing or processing
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