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How It Works

  • After the operator selects a Profile To destination in the Airmail2 software, a Postmark barcode label is placed on the first page of the paper document.
  • Barcoded documents can be scanned in stacks with any type of dedicated scanner or multi-function copier.
  • The Airmail2 software reads each barcode at scan time, directing the digital documents into their designated destination folders in the document management system.
  • This process includes built-in Veritag® automatic quality controls and it enables an operator to initiate further steps using the QC software.
  • Staging is a final step that leads to shredding the paper records according to the firm’s information governance policy.
Airmail2 Digital Records Room Solution


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Airmail2 Advantages


  • Break up the work for process efficiency

  • Fast, assisted indexing

  • Scan stacks

  • Easy operation for use in all office locations

  • Adjusts to variable staffing conditions


  • Replaces ungoverned methods that are not secure

  • Uses existing DMS security and Active Directory

  • Operators don’t require DMS logins


  • Scan job prioritization

  • Robust, scalable image processing

  • Help desk software

  • Built on proven scan platform

Universal Design

  • Pre-built DMS integrations

  • Use any model multi-function copier or dedicated scanners

  • Active Directory synchronization for profiling

Quality Controls

  • QC software with integrated workflows

  • Paper disposition

  • Veritag® tracks every document with automated alerts

  • Reporting

Simple Operation

  • Multiple workflows

  • Easy user interface optimizes repetitive steps

  • Supplies facilitate the work

Rapid Deployment

  • Hosted Cloud – Microsoft Azure

  • Ready-made DMS integrations

DocSolid Expertise

  • Paper2Digital Consulting

  • Law firm focus and expertise

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