Steve Irons
Steve IronsPresident
Steve Irons is the President of DocSolid. Steve is a serial entrepreneur, an innovator, and for 29 years a fascinated student of the intersection of paper and people.

Steve started and ran Image Choice (now enChoice), an IBM systems integrator. He then founded and served as CEO at ImageTag, where Steve and team created the unique KwikTag® software platform from an idea that integrated document imaging should be universal. KwikTag is now in use at more than 1,000 customers.

A holder of 12 US patents, Steve has generated corporate investment ventures with HP, 3M and Iron Mountain. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Northern Arizona University.

David Guilbault
David GuilbaultVice President, Customer Success
In his role as VP of Customer Success, David Guilbault provides strategic vision and management for the Customer Success program and the Consulting Practice. With more than two decades in document solutions, David has the focused experience needed for his unique role.

Dave is a U.S. patent holder with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern Maine. As a French-Canadian Mexican, Dave is very interested in immigration reform and politics in general. He is an Army Veteran and loves gadgets, golf, and getting away with his wife Bonnie.

Dale Shoup
Dale ShoupVice President, Software and Services
Dale runs DocSolid’s software development and maintenance crew. His experience with software development, management of development teams, and the Postmark platform creation make him ideally suited for this position.

Dale studied architectural engineering and design. He is an avid club racer and he has a vintage Fiat X1/9 road race car that he ‘campaigns’ regularly. He enjoys working on and developing the car almost as much as driving and racing it. Does that make him a ‘tinkerer’?

Eric Lynn
Eric LynnConsulting Director
Eric Lynn is DocSolid’s Consulting Director. He runs DocSolid’s Consulting Practice, designing, collaborating and enabling Paper2Digital enterprise projects. Ultimately, Eric’s job is to make customers successful.

Eric’s on-the-ground Paper2Digital experience is unmatched. He has been on site with hundreds of customers. How can I drive adoption of less-paper workflows? Ask Eric.

Eric has a degree in Architecture from Lehigh University and an Information Governance Professional certification from ARMA International. He and his wife, Wendy, collect Lancia & Fiat automobiles and enjoy traveling to procure and show them.

Cadis Stuart-Hodges
Cadis Stuart-HodgesSenior Director of Services
Highly regarded, Cadis Stuart-Hodges spent 15 years of her career inside law firms in executive positions, accruing her expertise as a certified Information Governance and Records Management professional and previous ARMA Atlanta board member.

Cadis oversees DocSolid’s Consulting and Professional Services divisions, adding value to clients’ IG and RIM best practices for Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room implementations. Cadis, a techie since the 80’s, studied fine art and art history which gives her a good eye for elegant architecture in buildings and in software.

Michael Herzog
Michael HerzogDirector
Michael Herzog is a Director who oversees DocSolid’s marketing, website, webinars and events. Michael also develops the resources for our sales team and partners.

DocSolid’s Leadership Webinar Series featuring “Design Thinking for Law Firms” is among Michael’s more recent initiatives to inspire new Paper2Digital Transformations with our Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room solutions.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Arizona State University. He enjoys reading business books (we are trying to get him to read a little fiction now and then), hiking and mountain biking.

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