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Powering the Paper2Digital Law Firm

Postmark Software Platform by DocSolid

DocSolid’s patented Postmark solutions minimize the cost, risk, and inefficiencies of paper. Maintain a fully digital matter file in the DMS while allowing attorneys to work with paper when they want to. Smart workflows. Best practice.
Enterprise class. Simple. Efficient.

Postmark Software Boxes

Legal Market Focus

Postmark Print
Adds a Postmark to all DMS prints so they can be shredded, not stored or re-scanned

Postmark Scan
Structured scanning of inbound paper to the DMS

Postmark Scanback
Convenience scanning to the DMS with the simplicity of a stamp

Postmark QC
Automated quality controls to ensure shredding

Postmark Airmail2
Fast digital delivery of  daily mail and document requests routed directly into DMS.

Paper Problems Worth Solving

Of Attorneys Still Prefer To Work With Paper
Of Law Firms Rely On Paper Matter Files
Of Printed Paper Already Exists In The DMS
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Return on Investment (ROI)

Removing the burdens of paper from your legal operations gives a big payback. DocSolid Paper2Digital solutions reduce costs and make law firms more productive with information. See the savings your legal operations can achieve while it improves matter management and reduces risk. Contact us to build a customized ROI for your firm’s needs, using the DocSolid ROI tool.

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Paper2Digital Benefits

  • Drive DMS Adoption and Matter Centricity
  • Reduce Costs for On-Site File Rooms and File Storage
  • Reduce Costs for Offsite Records Storage
  • Secure Access and Protection for Client Documents
  • Power Mobility and Collaboration
  • Minimize Disaster Risk / Optimize Business Resumption
  • Improve Audit & Compliance Procedures
  • Minimize Document Retrieval Time
  • Minimize Filing and Paper Handling Labor
  • Eliminate Lost and/or Misfiled Paper Documents
  • Move into new, reduced office space without allocations for paper storage

Scan to DMS

NetDocuments DMS Integrates with Postmark Scan by DocSolid

KwikTag Legal is now called Postmark Scan

KwikTag Legal has evolved. Postmark Scan does all that KwikTag Legal did, and more!

KwikTag Legal is now Postmark Scan
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7 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Mailroom Operation

Free Legal Technology White Paper PDF - 7 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Mailroom Operation

Digitized mail in a law firm has unique security, governance and compliance needs. That is why you need a Digital Mailroom solution that is engineered for a law firm to achieve direct digital delivery of postal mail to the firm’s existing document management system.

DocSolid partner with iManage and NetDocuments to create a Digital Mailroom and a Digital Fileroom

Solution Demo Videos

See the Postmark software platform in action! Watch a 3-minute video.

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