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Postmark Software

Postmark is a platform of five complementary software products designed to work together. Software can be purchased separately. The choice is yours once you discover the right product mix for your firm. All purchases include Consulting geared for your Paper2Digital transformation.

Postmark Software Boxes

Postmark Print marks all printouts of DMS-stored documents. This paper can now be shredded instead of physically stored or re-scanned.

Postmark Scan integrates paper capture to DMS screens and makes all multi-function copiers easy-to-use scanners.

Postmark Scanback enables walk-up convenience scanning with the simplicity of a stamp.

Postmark QC tracks every paper document through a capture process to enable audited shredding.

Airmail2 directs the digital delivery of document requests and daily mail routed into DMS.

Postmark Print by DocSolid
NetDocuments DMS Integrates with Postmark Scan by DocSolid

Postmark Print

Postmark Print places a small bar code on printed documents that are stored in the DMS so those documents can be shredded after use.

More than half of the filed paper in a law firm is a printout of a document stored in the DMS – now this paper can go away, without scanning. Document destruction can be applied firm-wide, per policy, at various stages of the paper lifecycle.

Postmark is integrated with DMS solutions like iManage, OpenText eDOCS, and NetDocuments. It works as a background print function without altering any DMS content.

Scan and auto store attorney’s notes back to the DMS! If an attorney hand-notates a paper document that has a Postmark, it can be scanned and auto-filed to the related client-matter in the DMS. The Postmark on the document is used to connect the scan back to the DMS.

Postmark Print by DocSolid
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Postmark Scan

Postmark Scan is an integrated scan capture solution, for scanning and profiling in-bound paper to the DMS and Accounting system. Postmark Scan works with iManage, OpenText eDocs, Worldox, NetDocuments, Elite and Aderant, and other business software. Legal practices regularly receive paper documents from clients, opposing counsel, courts and research, and this paper must be scanned, as a best practice, to maintain the integrity of the DMS matter file.

  • Scan and capture integrated into the DMS and Accounting screens
  • Easiest, most productive capture method
  • Automatic audits ensure all documents and pages get captured
  • Use any copier, MFP or scanner – no proprietary hardware or software
  • One button, stack scanning
  • Scan to email and routing – sent as attachments or links
  • Unique bar coding method deflects capture work to clerical staff
Postmark Scan by DocSolid
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Postmark QC

Postmark QC (Quality Control) is companion software and workflow for the Postmark Paper2Digital platform, establishing integrated QC of the capture process, so that scanned documents can be confidently shredded or retained based on policy. Clerical staff receive scanned paper and use the Postmark bar code to initiate QC for each document, checking:

  • Was the document captured?
  • Is the image quality good?
  • Did all pages get scanned?
  • Was the image file written to the DMS?
  • What is the disposition for this paper document?

Postmark QC provides controls, audits and reporting for every DMS-captured document to enable confident shredding.

Postmark QC by DocSolid
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Postmark Mobile

Postmark Mobile uses mobile phones to connect paper to digital workflows. Attorneys and staff working with paper documents can read the Postmark bar code on the paper with their mobile phone, then retrieve the corresponding electronic document, or check and update the status of any in-hand paper document.

Postmark Mobile by DocSolid
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