How It Works

For each processed paper document, staff workers can check:

Was the document captured?
Is image quality good?
Did all pages get scanned?
Was the image file written to the DMS?
What is the disposition for this paper document?
Controls, audits and reports

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Postmark QC by DocSolid is DMS quality control software
iManage Integrates with Postmark Scan by DocSolid
NetDocuments DMS Integrates with Postmark Scan by DocSolid

The ROI of Shredding Paper

Postmark QC enables the confident shredding of paper records. From a variety of solution angles, this is an ROI story. Much of the hard payback comes from shredding instead of storing paper. This reduces real estate costs, offsite storage costs, and records handling labor costs. Visit DocSolid’s ROI web page to review your payback on eliminating paper.

Find Your ROI

QC Benefits

  • Build an auditable best practice to support shredding
  • Push QC activity to staff operations
  • Track the Paper2Digital lifecycle for every document
  • Use the physical paper to drive the process to facilitate re-scans and disposition
  • Customize QC workflows based on departmental or document requirements
  • Employ mobile phones for ad hoc document QC or status checks
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