KwikTag for Elite

Accounting operations are burdened with incoming paper documents, like invoices, statements, delivery receipts and more. You’ve done the big work of implementing Elite to run your back office accounting. Now it’s time to finish your system by transforming the related paper to managed digital images. KwikTag integrates with your accounting system to capture and retrieve the related paper as images – without leaving your existing software screens!

After capture, KwikTag’s document management repository stores , manages and archives accounting documents for retrieval from within Elite, or with KwikTag’s own search tools. And KwikTag let’s you store associated emails, spreadsheets and other electronic documents in the same folders with related scanned images.

KwikTag for Elite

Cost recovery for scanning is an emerging area of accounting interest. Because KwikTag is powered by a SQL database engine, it’s easy to export client matter based scanning activity and data on a regular basis. Or, KwikTag can integrate with machine-based cost recovery capture terminals to gather scan information.

Expense reports present a jumble of paper receipts to manage. KwikTag integrates with existing expense management software, to receive scan and fax input and automatically link receipt images to the associated expense report. KwikPaper is our unique scanning sleeve to make this job easy !

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