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Box Barometer Report Quantifies the Paper Problem
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  • Before you begin: Click here to preview the survey. This will help you understand what data to collect for your answers in advance. We kept it short with only 7 questions.
  • How to finish: When you are answering the survey questions, be sure to click the Submit button at the end to finish it.
  • Starting over: You may return to this page and start the survey again from the beginning if you do not finish it.

Actual Total vs. Estimated Total

For accuracy, it is ideal to provide the actual total box count, but estimates within a range of +/- 10% are acceptable because it may be difficult for very large law firms to calculate actual total box count firm-wide. The survey will ask you to specify if your box count is the actual total or an estimated total.

Survey Data is Confidential

DocSolid treats all data submissions as business confidential for the submitting firm. Results from the survey will not identify any specific firm or person by name.