Recently we collaborated with a consulting group to document keys we identify for a successful, firm-wide, best-practice scanning solution. Here goes:

  1. Attorneys, Paralegals and Secretaries should be able to get a paper document profiled, scanned and QC’d without leaving their desk.
    • The division of work involved should optimize process integrity, productivity and labor costs
    • Alternatively, for immediate jobs they should have a simple method to do this entire job by themselves
  2. Enable use of all existing scan devices as scanning on-ramps, including all makes/models of existing or new mfp’s, copiers and scanners.
    • No proprietary (built into the machine hardware) scanning process
    • Simple user interface at the device – as few buttons as possible to complete a scan job
  3. Integrate with Accounting as well as DMS scanning, and integration with other firm workflow and repository and business software. This allows support of a single scan platform for DMS, Accounting and other firm needs.
    • The system helps manage disposition of paper documents after scanning. This enables paper retention or destruction.
    • Set custom, document-based disposition, or apply standard post-scanning disposition for all paper documents entering the system. Disposition is customized to the firm’s policy, and applied on a per document basis during profiling.
  4. Optimize productivity and throughput for the overall process.
    • Division of labor applies to the work (profiling, scanning, QC)  and enables match up of required skills or lowered labor costs, while ensuring optimal throughput
    • Scanning and process QC can be performed by Records, or the FM, or skilled staff
    • Scanning can be done in stacks
    • Profiling is done from existing DMS and Accounting screens
    • Users have the simplest possible way to get the work done
  5. Quality Control (QC) is integrated in the capture software and workflows, with automatic and custom audits and reports. QC affirms:
    • The document was captured
    • All pages got scanned
    • Image quality is good
    • Image file was written to the DMS
    • Paper document disposition is applied
    • Accountability and audit of the process
Steve Irons
Author: Steve Irons