KwikTag Legal is now Postmark Scan

How Postmark Scan Works

Postmark Scan integrates scan capture within the existing DMS software screens. Paper documents are profiled using the familiar DMS software and process. A bar code stamp is placed on the paper during the session, which will link the paper document to the DMS profile when it is later scanned. Legal professionals can profile their own documents, then let staff do the scanning and QC work for them.

Postmark Scan by DocSolid

Compatible With Any Scanning Device

Postmark Scan works with any MFP, copier, or scanner without adding hardware or software to the device. Scan stacked documents with the touch of a single button. No logins. No typing at the machine. Someone else can scan for you.


Extended Capabilities

  • Scanback® enables easy scan to email and scan to folder by simply placing a stamp on the document and scanning it. Everything else is automatic. Email delivery can use attachments or links to the stored images.

  • Accounting and other business software can be integrated with Postmark Scan. Postmark Scan can also provide its own repository with customized file and retrieve interfaces for various departmental needs.

  • Mailman is the enterprise image processing system monitoring every scan job for optimized throughput with statistics and reports.

  • Postmark QC (quality control) tracks all paper and images through the process, establishes a quality assurance workflow, and ensures confident shredding or retention based on the disposition policy for each document.