Postmark Scan Compared to other Scanning Solutions

Postmark Scan is an enterprise scan capture solution built for the legal market. It’s unique bar code tagging method makes it productive, ensures all arriving documents get captured, and segments the work so that clerical staff can be used. Tight DMS integration means paper can be profiled using the existing DMS software. Every document is automatically tracked through the process. And all copiers, MFPs, and scanners become one-button, stack-scanning on-ramps, without adding proprietary hardware or software.

Postmark Scan by DocSolid

Compare to Cover Sheets

Postmark Scan Compared to Using Cover Sheets

Compare to Copier Keypads

Enterprise Scanning Software Compared to Using Copier Keypads

Postmark QC Compared to Other Quality Control Methods

Postmark QC (Quality Control) ensures every inbound paper document and page gets properly captured, resulting in confident, audited shredding or retention, based on policy. This patented system creates customized QC workflows.

Clerical staff can do the work to check:

Was the document captured?

Is the image quality good?

Did all pages get scanned?

Was the image file written to the DMS?

What is the disposition for this paper document?

Monitor with controls, audits, and reports

Other scanning systems offer manual image review only, disconnected from the paper.
Key differentiators for Postmark QC are:

• Paper and image process review are connected, to complete the work
• Page count is checked in two ways
• An audit trail is created and managed for every processed document
• Paper disposition policy, per document, is specified pre-scan and applied post-QC
• DMS write validation without requiring DMS access by the worker
• Custom workflows

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