In his latest post at iPhone J.D. Jeff Richardson recounts a recent conference where he teamed up with Judge Dan Hinde to discuss useful iPhone apps for judges. Many are familiar but the most interesting application to me was more than an app.  Paper in the form of a warrant passes from the world of atoms to the realm of bits and back again. From Jeff’s post:

After our presentation, Judge Charles Stephens from New Braunfels, TX shared with me an interesting way that he uses his iPad.  He has an account with eFax, which gives him a fax number that sends PDF versions of FAXs to his email.  When officers need warrants signed after hours, they can fax the warrant to his eFax number, he can then review the warrant on his iPad, if it is appropriate he can sign and date it using one of the iPad PDF programs, and then he can e-mail the signed document back to eFax so that the officer receives a signed fax and can execute the warrant.  It’s nice to know that an iPad can help the cause of justice, even after hours.

It’s nice to see our judicial system doing more with less paper.