Scanesthesia is the latest addition to our Scanthology dictionary of scanning terms. Scanesthesia is a common condition in law firms, characterized by a sleepy acceptance of the relentless accumulation of paper,  despite the general availability of scanning. So, almost all law firms have casual (walk-up) scanning at their copiers and mfp’s, and this type of scanning has been in place for years. Yet paper burdens continue, taking up space in offices, hallway boxes and file rooms. Growing the mountain of offsite storage. Straining the attorneys and staff with slow, unreliable and un-automated paper file retrievals. This is about a big cost that can be reduced. This is about productivity drain that can be eliminated.

Our 2013 ILTA Roadshow addresses Scanesthesia head on, explaining why we have it, and what we can do about it. In addition to case studies on enterprise scanning – as a best practice, we’ll pass on tips about:

  • How to wean attorneys from paper file dependency
  • How to get the staff to go ‘all-in’ for scanning
  • How to incorporate paper document destruction in your records practices

And we are accumulating tips on these topics from our audience, and assembling a summary Field Report at the end of the Roadshow.  Or write to me at with your Field Report!

Steve Irons
Author: Steve Irons