Target Image Enthusiasts 

As part of our series on enterprise scanning initiatives, DocSolid summarizes five different approaches that our customers have used successfully, to get started and grow serious scanning across the organization. The second of these Scanbition Frameworks, is called ‘Target Image Enthusiasts.’

Target Image Enthusiasts is an effective Scanbition Framework for firms with these objectives:

  • Measured rollout of enterprise scanning, based on user advocacy
  • Soften the cultural change by dealing with scanning-eager practice groups first
  • Generate independent internal success stories for practice groups enabled with imaging

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This framework is based on the principles of adoption, specifically that eager participants in document scanning and image viewing are going to be the most successful, and that laggards are going to need collegial success stories to embrace the change. Using the Target Image Enthusiasts framework, a firm implements an approach of profiling and scanning to the DMS all incoming paper documents, but only for the practice group(s) that are eager to remove paper from their operations. Then, based on project success in these practice areas, the rollout begins to each of the next practice groups who want to hop on board.

This is a ‘farming’ approach to enterprise scanning and image viewing, but don’t confuse it with a trial. A trial implies that the decision to proceed is dependent on results or impressions. Target Image Enthusiasts presumes a commitment to enterprise scanning, and uses this method to contain cultural resistance while a rollout spreads. The practice groups who start scanning go digital, replacing their paper files with images integrated to the electronic DMS matter. Attorneys get the big benefit of integrated images in the electronic matter, where they belong. And the staff fits the scanning workflow into their daily disciplines.

DocSolid’s account, Mendes & Mount, LLC, is an example of the Target Image Enthusiasts approach. Their Scanbition Framework was based on a commitment to enterprise scanning, with a plan to roll out based on practice by practice steps forward.

Target Image Enthusiasts gives eager adopters the image solution they’ve been clamoring for, and engages them in the success of the overall project as participants, an active source for solution improvements, and advocates. They become the stakeholders that spark the project forward. This is a safer approach than the imposition of a Scan and Retire the File Room framework, but the ROI is softer because the rest of the firm is still dealing with paper records in the conventional manner.

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Steve Irons
Author: Steve Irons