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Legal Tech Leaders

How the “New Normal” Has Changed Law Firm Culture and Technology

Tech Leaders Webinar with DocSolid, Iridium Technologies and ZERØ

Legal Technology Solutions

Cities around the world are beginning to reopen after weeks of shutdown—but we cannot escape the reality that the world has changed. The sudden shift to a distributed workforce is likely to have lasting effects for law firms, but how do we prepare for a far less predictable future? Law firm business and technology leaders are eager to understand the innovations that will help keep employees productive and connected. Join our panel of legal tech executives as they explore what they are hearing from clients during this period of uncertainty and learn how they have helped some of the world’s leading law firms streamline their distributed workforce.

1. How the lives and processes of timekeepers have changed in the wake of this pandemic
2. How to address concerns around long-term productivity and profitability
3. How to identify the technology necessary for law firms to increase efficiency in distributed workforces

Bernie Toledano, Head of Marketing – ZERØ

Steve Irons, President – DocSolid
Tom Jones, CEO – Iridium Technology
Ryan Steadman, CRO – ZERØ

Michael Herzog
Author: Michael Herzog

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