7 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Mailroom Operation

Digital Mailroom Best Practices for Governance and Security PDF
  • Digital distribution of daily mail is mission-critical

  • Legal mail must be delivered to the DMS, not as unnamed PDF attachments

  • A Digital Mailroom operation can be transformational

SOLUTION: Define the requirements for your law firm’s Digital Mailroom operation

Upgrading to a structured Digital Mailroom operation surfaces specific requirements, which should be documented and accounted for. Productivity, security and reliability are essential.

Scanning sensitive client information and sending those documents to the recipient(s) as email attachments increases the firm’s exposure to a variety of security risks. It also impedes process integrity and undermines a firm’s information governance.

Daily mail is mission critical so digital delivery is essential.

Customer Success

DocSolid® Airmail2® Selected as Digital Mailroom by Maslon LLP, for Direct Delivery of Daily Mail to NetDocuments

“With Airmail2, sensitive mail information goes from the mailroom directly into NetDocuments, where it is protected and governed by our DMS best practices. And Airmail2 leverages our broader use of the DocSolid Paper2Digital platform, and its integrations with NetDocuments.”

– Jamie Blomquist, CIO Maslon

Customer Success

Stinson Deploys DocSolid® Airmail2® Digital Mailroom for Direct Delivery to iManage Document Management System

Inbound legal mail needs to get in the DMS, not the email system where it is delayed and exposed. Airmail2 is a digital pivot into the times ahead.”

– Steve Irons, President DocSolid

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Digital Delivery of Daily Mail to the DMS

iManage or NetDocuments

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