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Access from Anywhere: DocSolid and NetDocuments Free the Information in Paper

After Gilbert LLP migrated their document management system (DMS) to NetDocuments in 2011, they gained some capabilities the firm had long sought. Their file system had improved search, accessibility from anywhere, and a built-in disaster recovery. But, the firm still had too much information locked up in paper and improperly organized scanned records. In the article “Access from Anywhere: DocSolid and NetDocuments Free the Information in Paper” Frank Schipani, Director of Information Technology at Gilbert LLP, discusses how the firm made the decision to adopt DocSolid’s scanning solution, KwikTag Legal. The decision drove paper records to the firm’s DMS and [...]

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Digitized Documents Prevent Reckless Record-Keeping

Legal practices which use paper to maintain an official matter file put themselves and their clients at risk.  Rather, if the firm digitizes records in the normal course of business, the paper records can be shredded and with them, their associated costs and risk. This Los Angeles Times article offers a vivid example. The new president of a California homeowners’ association recounts how they replaced the group’s attorney of more than 30 years, and discovered that all records older than 10 years had been destroyed without notifying the association’s board. In response, authors Donnie Vanitzian, an arbitrator, and attorney Zachary [...]

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Enterprises Need a Paper Lifecycle and Retirement Management Strategy

Today, the majority of enterprises are pursuing a ‘paper to digital’ strategy as part of their digital transformation programmes. However interestingly, many will admit that the strategy hasn’t led to a significant reduction in paper in their business, which is a key objective of such initiatives alongside making cost savings and enhancing data security. The key reason why their efforts are proving to be ineffective is a lack of a complete, end-to-end paper lifecycle and retirement management strategy. This has major implications for the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance too and unfortunately, organisations are inadvertently putting their businesses [...]

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How to Solve the Paper Records Workflow That’s Killing Your Firm

In DocSolid's 2016 IG-Records Survey, it was found that 57% of a firm's formally-filed paper documents were printed directly from the firm's own paperless document management system. That percentage would grow another 39% if you gathered up all the other DMS-printed paper that is scattered around the firm — on lawyers’ desks, in secretary workstations, and in hallway boxes. So, if we already have these documents properly stored in the DMS, why do we print, file, store, and archive them as paper? To start, we print because many attorneys like to work with paper. That is why almost all law [...]

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ROI of Going Digital at Lindquist & Vennum

Two years ago, Lindquist moved to a fully electronic matter file, and the benefits continue to flow both in the service of our clients and back to the firm, providing substantial savings, productivity and information governance. Here’s a look at what we did. The process began by accommodating a small group of attorneys who wanted increased mobility and access to their files from remote locations. Their success created momentum within the firm to move to a fully electronic matter file, which we did in January of 2015. To create the fully electronic matter file, Lindquist needed a productive solution for [...]

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Making the Business Case for Going Digital: 360 Degrees of ROI

Conventional law firm paper records systems are not sustainable in today’s legal market. More law firms are getting serious about paperless office solutions, for a variety of return on investment (ROI) reasons. The cost, risk, and inefficiencies of paper records are severe business burdens to the practice of law. Removing paper from the document management process improves the speed and quality of service delivery. Aligning a law firm’s paper-to-digital initiative to specific payback targets brings clarity to the return on investment and allows for usage of the 360-degree ROI model. A formal ROI process, supported by detailed spreadsheets of financial [...]

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Law Firm Makes a Case for Simplified Workflows

It’s no secret that complex litigation generates reams of files and paperwork. Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin, a law firm specializing in large civil defense cases involving casualty, professional liability, health care, and workers’ compensation, wanted to become a paperless law firm. For the firm, managing large volumes of documentation and ensuring that critical files and documents are available when and where they are needed is critical. With upwards of 500 lawyers in 20 offices scattered across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Florida, and Ohio, “There is a need to be efficient and manage costs,” explained Roger Bonine, [...]

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3 Tips for the Right Scanning Solution to Close the Digital Gap

Firms must close the gap between digital and physical files in order to reduce paper management costs, meet information governance and security standards, and enable attorneys to be more mobile and productive. The right legal document management scanning solution is essential to this process. However, too many firms are still paying for and using weak scanning software built into their equipment contracts rather than a strong, specialized solution that truly meets the needs. In Legaltech News, DocSolid President Steve Irons weighs in with 3 essential tips for replacing your casual, copier-based scanning with a serious, enterprise solution. To read the [...]

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4 Ways to Quickly Achieve a Digital Matter File: A Case Study

By Lynette Harris, Anderson, McPharlin & Conners, Legaltech News When I joined the Los Angeles-based civil litigation defense firm Anderson McPharlin & Conners in 2012, I was committed to bring immediate, added value. The firm faced an office relocation in January 2015 and was assessing space utilization. The cost of storing records, both on and offsite, were specific targets. The firm needed to eventually eliminate both costs and find a paperless office solution. I believed that a digital initiative could address many of the firm’s challenges. We were paying $1,500 per month in offsite records and that cost was continuously [...]

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The Digital Official Matter File: Holy Grail or Business Mandate?

Clients want their law firms to use technology to improve efficiency, and they want the security and governance of their information to meet today’s business and cyber challenges. Attorneys want to manage a matter in a way that provides productivity and integrity. A fully digital official matter file controlled by the document management system (DMS), is crucial to meet these client and attorney objectives. But, paper records are the boat anchor that keep this ship from sailing. In the latest issue of Legal Management Magazine, DocSolid President Steve Irons weighs in on this and more, and outlines a practical approach [...]

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