25 11, 2020

ALA: A Digital Mailroom Built for Law Firms in the New Normal

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A Digital Mailroom Built for Law Firms in the New Normal


As we continue to find ourselves working outside of our usual offices, many law firms are finding that they need a digital mailroom, not an ad hoc scan-to-email workaround. That was a mere triage solution at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Attorneys and staff working from home require reliable, secure delivery of inbound daily postal and overnight mail arriving at the main office. And they need on-call access to paper records back in the main office file rooms. A productive, secure digital mailroom operation is the most practical solution.

A digital mailroom also remains essential when the workforce returns to the office. A significant part of the workforce will continue to work from home semi- permanently, and it won’t be viable to hand-deliver paper mail for those in the office while also providing an alternate digital delivery for those at home. Legal mail needs digital delivery, all the time, for everyone.

Law firms are uniquely dependent on inbound paper documents from clients, courts, opposing counsel and research efforts. Some of these paper items mandate a calendared response, or contain sensitive client information or crucial matter content.


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Digital Mailroom

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1 11, 2020

White Paper: 7 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Mailroom Operation White Paper by DocSolid

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7 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Mailroom Operation

7 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Mailroom Operation PDF
  • Digital distribution of daily mail is mission-critical

  • Legal mail must be delivered to the DMS, not the email system

  • A digital mailroom operation can be transformational

Most mailroom scanning operations are nothing more than scan-to-email cobbled together by the firm itself or a contracted facilities management services provider. If your law firm is going to adapt to the New Normal and your distributed workforce, isn’t it time you get a secure, reliable solution?

Digitized mail in a law firm has unique security, governance and compliance needs. That is why you need a Digital Mailroom solution that is engineered for a law firm to achieve direct digital delivery of postal mail to the firm’s existing document management system such as iManage or NetDocuments.

Customer Success

“With Airmail2, sensitive mail information goes from the mailroom directly into NetDocuments, where it is protected and governed by our DMS best practices. And Airmail2 leverages our broader use of the DocSolid Paper2Digital platform, and its integrations with NetDocuments.”

– Jamie Blomquist, CIO Maslon

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Digital Delivery of Daily Mail to the DMS

iManage or NetDocuments

19 08, 2019

The Power of One – How To Create a Single Source of Truth for Matter Files in Law Firms

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The Power of One eBook

In your law firm, can you think of how many different locations information is stored? You likely have emails, PDFs and paper records stored in multiple locations which can lead to siloed information and increased risk for your firm.

In this eBook, we explore the importance of embracing the digital world, especially as it relates to the matter file.

  • What a digital matter file is and why it reduces your firm’s risk.

  • The benefits of moving to a digital matter file and eliminating paper records

  • Four steps to getting started with digital storage

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