New York – LegalTech 2011 – Jan. 25, 2011 – DocSolid® today announced the release of Airmail2® Enterprise Scan Capture for Law Firms. The cloud-based solution works with all makes and models of MFPs, digital copiers and scanners, with one-button simplicity. It enables easy and secure scanning to create and deliver OCR’d PDF files to a user’s inbox or a network folder or to capture images for document management systems like Autonomy® iManage® and Worldox®.

Increasingly, law firms are looking for standardized, efficient ways to scan paper documents, retire the file room, and make scanned images part of the matter management system.

“Airmail2 solves a big problem for basic scanning in law firms,” said Matt Hobbs, CEO, iEnvision® Technology, Inc., Autonomy iManage 2009 Partner of the Year. “Firms have network attached and desktop scan devices from various makers, each with a different set of capabilities, keypad sequences and network integrations. What they need is a uniform, productive way to implement simple scanning across this infrastructure, to run an effective help desk for scan capture, and to ensure process integrity as paper becomes part of the electronic record. Airmail2 leaps ahead in solving this problem.”

“Airmail2 establishes best practice scan capture for the firm, providing the needed scanning and delivery capabilities, without integrating or typing at the MFP vendor’s device and without integrating or burdening the company email system,” said DocSolid President Steve Irons. “It’s easy to use and because it’s cloud-based it’s easy to deploy and pay for on subscription.”

“The enterprise scanning headache is becoming a migraine for the CIO,” notes Irons. “Scanarchy – uncontrolled, unsupported scanning with different devices from different suppliers – is creeping across the organization. Airmail2 replaces Scanarchy with a unified enterprise scanning solution,” said Irons.

DocSolid creates, sells and supports document imaging and scanning solutions for law firms across North America and the UK.

Airmail2 is available now in North America. Pricing is based on an annual subscription service. More details can be obtained and requested at the DocSolid website,

Download the release: DocSolid Announces Airmail2 Enterprise Scanning for Law Firms

About DocSolid Products

DocSolid products are paper scanning platforms for company-wide use. These solutions are easy to install and use, and fit existing workflows while enabling better ones. Airmail2® Enterprise Scan Capture uses all makes and models of MFPs, digital copiers and scanners, with one button, in a cloud-based deployment. KwikTag® Integrated Scan Capture embedscapture within existing application software, to manage related paper. More information about DocSolid solutions, including solution demos, is available at

About DocSolid

DocSolid creates, sells and supports scanning and document imaging solutions for law firms and the corporate enterprise. These patented and patent-pending solutions are enterprise-level implementations that streamline paper-burdened business activities. DocSolid represents the industry’s most experienced team of capture experts, and serves thousands of worldwide users. Advancing simple, productive ways for clients to do more with less paperTM, DocSolid connects people, process and documents. More information about DocSolid, including solution demos, is available at

David Guilbault
Author: David Guilbault

In his role as VP of Customer Success, David Guilbault provides strategic vision and management for the Customer Success program and the Consulting Practice. Dave is a U.S. patent holder with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern Maine with more than two decades of experience in document solutions.