When a law firm determines it wants to get serious about going digital and finding a document scanning solution (the onset of Scanbition), it generally has an initial and a long term objective. For long-term objectives we hear aggressive ambitions to “go paperless” in the practice areas or “eliminate offsite records storage.” Initial objectives are more grounded in practicality, such as “start scanning closed matters instead of sending them offsite to records storage” or “start scanning all incoming paper for the IP Practice Group.” Scanbition Frameworks White Paper

“Start” is the key word. How do you start? How do you move from tedious, one-document-at-a-time scanning, to a document scanning solution for all paper? When the only scanning experience has been casual scanning at the copier, best practice enterprise scanning is a big leap forward. It must fit the culture, the workflow, and the operational future of the Firm. This requires a Plan, considering:

  • What are our specific goals for paper document scanning?
  • What volume of incoming paper will we need to address with this project?
  • How does the paper arrive and get managed as it heads to the scan capture workflow?
  • Who profiles the documents into the DMS? Who scans? Who QCs?
  • How do we identify and serve the range of scanning needs, firm wide?
  • How do we apply security, process integrity and QC to the overall job?
  • How do we intersect with and apply Records policies? How do we engage the Records staff?
  • Do we have physical records retirement policy? Do we shred? How? When?
  • What staffing, infrastructure and application resources are required?
  • Who owns this new operation?
  • How do we measure productivity, and most importantly, ROI?

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Steve Irons
Author: Steve Irons