DocSolid is excited to announce its new software platform and new branding for the products you own and love:  KwikTag Legal® is now renamed to Postmark Scan®. And Postmark is the brand for all of our software solutions.

KwikTag Legal is now Postmark ScanHow does this affect you?

Your experience with the technology solutions you own won’t change – but with your next upgrade after Q3 you will enjoy many significant additions to the product platform.

Our new Postmark Paper2Digital platform includes these individual software products:

  • Postmark Scan (formerly KwikTag Legal)
  • Postmark Print (formerly Postmark)
  • Postmark QC (formerly KwikTag QC)
  • Postmark Mobile

Join us for an interactive webinar? Dave Guilbault, VP of Customer Success, will answer questions regarding availability and upgrades.

For your convenience, there are two dates and times to join the Postmark 2.0 discussion:

Wednesday, May 2 at 11am ET and Thursday, May 3 at 3pm PT.

Registration for this event is no longer available.