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How to Transform Mailroom Operations for Security, IG and Productivity

A Permanent Change to How Law Firms Operate


Law firms need a best practice Digital Mailroom operation, not the current scan-to-email workaround, which was a triage solution at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Attorneys and staff working from home must have reliable, secure delivery of daily mail which is arriving at the main office.

The Digital Mailroom remains essential when the workforce returns to the office. A significant part of the workforce will work from home semi-permanently, and it isn’t viable to hand deliver paper mail for those in the office today, and also provide an alternate digital delivery system for those at home.

Law firms are critically dependent on in-bound paper mail from clients, courts, opposing counsel and research sources. Some of these paper mail items mandate a calendared response, or contain sensitive client information, or crucial matter content. Starting now, inbound paper mail needs digital delivery, all of the time, for everyone.

Michael Herzog
Author: Michael Herzog

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