Sterne Kessler Adopts DocSolid® Airmail2® Suite: Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room for iManage Work 10

PHOENIX, AZ – (February 3, 2021) – DocSolid, the legal technology experts for enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions, announces NLJ 500 firm, Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox has implemented the Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and companion Digital Records Room for direct delivery of daily mail and matter files to the firm’s document management system, iManage Work 10.

Productivity for both home and in-office workers is a high priority as firms transition from the unexpected challenges of 2020 to the “Normal Now” of 2021. Paper-free workflows and real estate compression strategies are central to this; however, neither remote work nor real estate compression can be achieved without the digital transformation of mailroom and Records Room processes.

DocSolid’s Airmail2 Digital Mail + Records Suite transforms a firm’s paper-based mailroom and Records Room functions into streamlined, digital operations supporting work-from-home and return-to-office strategies. The Airmail2 Suite provides scanned delivery of sensitive and time-dependent mail and file requests via the document management system (DMS), enabling firms to govern, secure, and distribute information efficiently, per policy and individual client guidelines.

“We have re-vamped our scan capture solution set with DocSolid and Airmail2,” said Shawn Mitkowski, CIO at Stern Kessler. “The operational productivity, tight iManage integration, and innovative roadmap of the Airmail2 system drives our firm’s digital transformation.”

“To be efficient, secure and always-on for our clients, Sterne Kessler needs attorneys work-ready at home or back in the office,” said Robert Burger, COO at Stern Kessler. “That means we need to be digital. DocSolid’s new Airmail2 solutions are built for these times, to move paper into our digital processes and disciplines.”

“Sterne Kessler already had sharpened digital ambitions,” said Steve Irons, President of DocSolid. “With our new Airmail2 Suite, they now operate a Digital Mailroom and a Digital Records Room, cranked up in productivity, security and process quality. We’re honored to take the field with them.”

The Airmail2 Digital Mailroom enables clerical operators with minimal training and without login access to the DMS to scan, QC, and directly deliver postal mail in electronic form to the firm’s DMS of choice.

The Airmail2 Digital Records Room builds a digitization project to convert paper records for storage in the document management system, so that firms can downsize their office real estate footprint, and deliver requested files digitally for home workers.

Both systems provide:

    • Scanned mail and file integration with iManage and other DMS systems
    • Mapped mail and file delivery to recipients and proxies with custom notifications
    • DMS matter integration for search, profiling and storage, but operators don’t have DMS logins
    • Built-in quality controls to ensure confident shredding
    • Batch workflows for productive and flexible alignment with staffing resources
    • Simple deployment with Web-based clients, pre-built DMS integrations and universal scan device support
Michael Herzog
Author: Michael Herzog

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