DocSolid provides KwikTag® to a Top-10 accounting firm

October 5, 2009, PHOENIX, AZ – DocSolid™, the sole provider of the KwikTag® document imaging solution for Autonomy’s iManage Worksite law firm and accounting firm customers, today announced a 1,500 seat KwikTag-
Worksite integration at PKF LLP, a top10 UK accounting firm. The project follows the successful completion of a two-month pilot program. The firm will use KwikTag to scan and load documents into its Worksite repository. DocSolid’s UK partner Ascertus, Ltd. landed the contract, led the project, and will provide first-level support to the customer.

“We saw how well KwikTag was working at another firm, and decided to test it ourselves. We were impressed that KwikTag blends into the staff’s current working practices,” said Jim Greenfield, IT Director at PKF. “After rolling out Worksite over the last 18 months, we will now add the ability to scan in paper, productively, with all activity managed right from within the same Worksite screens. This gives us distributed capture, centralized administration, and puts our users first by making it easy and fast to get their work done when paper needs to come into the electronic record .”

“PKF’s users made it happen,” said Roy Russell, Managing Director of Ascertus. “They knew what they wanted – a quick and simple way to manage paper documents into the Worksite repository, and into the client’s electronic file. They didn’t want a lot of new work, or process, or software to learn. They didn’t want to have to print cover sheets. KwikTag was the users’ choice for its productivity, simplicity, and as a ‘green’ solution.”

“We’re seeing more and more accounts like PKF show interest in KwikTag,” said Steve Irons, President of DocSolid and inventor of KwikTag. “Sizable accounting firms and law firms, after making a large investment to buy
and roll out Worksite, now want to get full leverage of this business platform. To manage the whole client record, they need to move related paper documents into the client’s electronic folder. For an organization focused on
making timekeepers and staff more productive, KwikTag’s integration and work process are the best way to tackle the problem.”

The document imaging process is simplified by KwikTag. Users profile a paper document directly into Worksite’s standard screens, then tag the document with a bar coded label. Bar code numbers are managed automatically by the software, and link each document with the related Worksite profile. When it is convenient, users take their stack of tagged documents to any digital copier or scanner, where they simply place the stack in the feeder and press the scan button. No logins or typing are required at the scan device. The KwikTag server reads the bar code on each document, creates an OCR’d PDF image, and files the image in the Worksite repository in the appropriate electronic client file. By profiling at their desks within the existing Worksite screens, and by simple operation at the scan device, KwikTag users are productive and eager adopters.

About DocSolid
DocSolid, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, creates, sells and supports document imaging solutions for the legal and accounting industries. The company was formed by founding employees of ImageTag, Inc. to build solutions based on the KwikTag paper-to-digital platform. KwikTag document imaging software is a patented, enterprise-level, business critical solution that streamlines paper-intensive business activities. DocSolid represents the industry’s most experienced team of capture experts, and thousands of worldwide users. Advancing simple, productive ways for clients to evolve their paper, DocSolid connects people, process and documents. More information about DocSolid, including a suite of recorded solution demos, is available at