Products Combine Ease-of-Use and Automation for Document Imaging

PHOENIX – July 7, 2010 – DocSolid, a leading provider of digital imaging solutions, today announced the launch of two new products for its patented KwikTag® document capture platform – ScanBack and MailScan. As components of the KwikTag platform, they extend the solution’s ability to reduce paper handling costs, enhance productivity and enable green operations by eliminating paper.

“Striving to reduce our reliance on paper protects us and protects our clients,” said Kenneth Levonaitis, Chief Information Officer of McCarter & English, LLP. “KwikTag has significantly helped us convert lawyers’ work habits from paper-reliant to digital friendly. Not only is it more secure, but our lawyers and time keepers are realizing that it decreases their burden of administrative work – allowing them to work more efficiently.”

ScanBack for KwikTag
ScanBack allows users to scan documents with little effort and minimal time impact. With ScanBack, a user needs only to tag the document with a KwikTag label and then scan the documents singularly or in stacks. The documents are then converted to PDF+Text files and automatically e-mailed to the user. As with the entire KwikTag platform, ScanBack works at the touch of a single button with any vendor’s multifunction printer or scanner, requiring no device keypad logins or typing.

MailScan for KwikTag
For professionals that prefer a paperless working environment, MainScan provides an easy tool for scanning and converting daily mail. After the mail is scanned, it is sent to an attorney’s or professional’s private KwikTag file. It can then be reviewed and marked for corresponding actions as appropriate on the reviewer’s behalf – such as forwarding or profiling to a document management system. Alternatively, MailScan can also provide convenient, centralized scanning with built in quality controls for page count, scan assurance and readability, for optimized paper capture.

Both ScanBack and MailScan are now available. To learn more about them, visit or e-mail

About KwikTag
DocSolid’s patented solution, KwikTag, is the simplest and most productive way to convert paper to digital documents from any network scan device. With KwikTag’s patented tagging system, documents can be scanned, routed, viewed, stored and audited without an entry having to be made on any screen or at the multifunctional device’s keypad. It integrates with existing software and document management solutions so that all filing and retrieving happens from existing applications software screens such as Autonomy iManage, Open Text eDocs and Elite.

About DocSolid
DocSolid, headquartered in Phoenix, creates, sells and supports document imaging solutions for the legal and accounting industries. KwikTag document imaging software is a patented, enterprise-level, business critical solution that streamlines paper-intensive business activities. DocSolid represents the industry’s most experienced team of capture experts and thousands of worldwide users. Advancing simple, productive ways for clients to evolve their paper, DocSolid connects people, process and documents. More information about DocSolid, including solution demos, is available at

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