Law firms are discovering they need Scanbition to harness the potential of document scanning and overcome their paper burden. DocSolid has presented to nearly 100 law firms in its ILTA Road Show around the country this year regarding enterprise scanning. What do we mean by ‘enterprise scanning’ and why do we even have to define this solution concept?

First, let’s set the stage. We asked our attendees these questions, and got these answers, with at least a 95% answer rate:




Does your firm scan paper?


Does your firm manage a file room, and do attorneys use paper files?


Do you scan more paper than you file? Do you scan more paper than you send offsite?


Do you operate an enterprise scanning best practice?


Bottom line:  We know law firms manage too much paper, and they all have baseline scanning capability. Yet almost none of the law firms we talk to have an operating plan for enterprise scanning that is intended to overcome their paper burden. They’re not even trying, as if it’s not possible. But it is possible!

Here’s DocSolid’s definition of Enterprise Scanning for a law firm:

  1. Firm-wide scan capture makes scanned images part of the electronic matter file
  2. All scan capable devices in the enterprise are turned on, to maximize the scan facility
  3. User interaction with the scan device is made simple to encourage use
  4. Scanning productivity is enabled (scan stacks, make it easy for someone else to scan for you)
  5. Best practice methods provide:
    • Security
    • Process integrity
    • Integration with the firms’ application software

Why isn’t your firm doing this?

Here’s DocSolid’s definition of Scanbition for a law firm:

  1. Scanbition is an organization’s ambition and plan for enterprise scanning.
  2. Scanbition goes well beyond basic convenience scanning, to optimize benefits from enterprise scanning, resulting in:
    • A culture that values the storage and use of images instead of paper
    • Standardized process for capturing in-bound paper, for document management storage, and for records management paper retirement policy
    • Reduced, and eventually eliminated offsite storage and retrieval of paper archives
    • Hard ROI on process improvement and cost reduction
    • Defined support of the green initiative

It is surprising that most firms don’t have Scanbition. DocSolid’s upcoming release of KwikTag Legal can help you get there. But, as proven by a few of our Scanbitious, successful firms, Scanbition takes a plan and commitment, and plays out in a multi-year pursuit, based on these ingredients:

  • Executive leadership and enduring support
  • Disciplined execution and a focus on user adoption
  • The right scan capture technology platform
Steve Irons
Author: Steve Irons