New version of the KwikTag enterprise scanning solution helps legal organizations reduce paper burdens while maximizing work efficiencies

PHOENIX – Jan. 24, 2012 – DocSolid, a leader in document scanning solutions for the legal market, announced today the availability of KwikTag® Legal. KwikTag Legal, an enterprise document scanning solution, was created to suit the unique needs of law firms and corporate legal departments and includes features such as PDF/A conversion, color document input, and advanced scalability.

These and other new capabilities add to KwikTag features already developed by DocSolid, such as embedded integration with Autonomy iManage, Open Text eDocs, Worldox, Aderant, Elite and more. The release follows the recent announcement by DocSolid that it has acquired the global legal market license rights for KwikTag technology.

“Duane Morris has firmly established KwikTag as our scan capture platform for document management, accounting, and other applications, so we are eager to move to the KwikTag Legal upgrade,” said John Sroka, CIO of Duane Morris. “These advancements will help us capture documents for more departments and practices and workflows, expand our software integrations, and generally broaden the rollout and the benefits.”

“To become an enterprise scan capture platform for the legal market, you need to address the growing list of specific law firm needs. DocSolid acquired the rights for KwikTag technology in the legal market with this in mind,” said Steve Irons, president of DocSolid. “All law firms have casual scanning in place, but that does little more than make non-searchable PDFs and scan images back to the user’s email. What today’s law firm needs is an enterprise best practice for scan capture, broadly implemented for impact change, to move all the incoming paper into the electronic matter file. That’s what we’re doing with KwikTag Legal.”

Legal organizations are advancing their ambitions to reduce paper-based processes and costs. This requires moving beyond simple ad hoc scanning at a copier using inefficient copier keypads or cover sheet workflows. Tackling the job of enterprise scanning requires batch scanning, backfile conversions, productive methods for users, deep integration with the firm’s related software solutions, use of all makes of models of scan-enabled devices at the firm, and automated audits for process integrity.

KwikTag Legal is available in Q1 2012 for new customers. Conversions for existing customers will be available in Q2. For more information, please contact sales@docsolid.com or visit https://www.docsolid.com/solutions/law-firms.

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