DocSolid Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room Certified Under iManage Universal API

Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room Now Compatible with Work 10 Cloud Systems

PHOENIX, AZ – (September 21, 2021) – DocSolid, the legal technology experts for enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions, today announces the Airmail2 Suite, including the Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room solutions, has achieved certification under the iManage Universal API, enabling compatibility with iManage Work 10 Cloud. DocSolid is among the first of the hundreds of iManage technology partners to have achieved the Universal API certification across its entire product line.

Airmail2 Digital Mailroom was engineered from the ground up to solve the critical problem of digital daily mail delivery in hybrid law firm operations. This forward-thinking, best of breed solution provides direct delivery of scanned postal mail to firms’ iManage document management system (DMS), where sensitive information can be properly secured, governed and processed within the existing iManage facilities. This approach overcomes the unsecure and unproductive methods of scan to email attachments.

The companion solution, Airmail2 Digital Records Room, is a firm-wide system of software and workflow to digitize paper records to iManage. Airmail2 Digital Records Room replaces paper file rooms to facilitate real estate reduction plans and enables efficient digital delivery of file requests for attorneys working from home.

Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room are tightly integrated with iManage DMS, yet operators do not have iManage logins or direct access. Airmail2 software front ends iManage, providing browser-based applications for mail and records workflows, while performing the integrated DMS connections for mail and records processing using server-side APIs.

Airmail2 solutions were built for the new hybrid law firm workforce, designed specifically for these new security, governance and productivity requirements:

  1. Certified DMS integrations for iManage, adaptable to specialized client configurations
  2. DMS mapping so that operators can perform profiling without having a DMS login
  3. RMS integrations to extract data from existing bar codes on physical matter files for inventory and profiling
  4. Quality controls for comprehensive QC workflows to ensure confident shredding and disposition
  5. Administrative and monitoring tools – help desk, dashboard, audits, reporting
  6. Stable deployment – enterprise-class server and security regimes, Web-based clients, mature DMS integrations and universal scan device support

“DocSolid’s Airmail2 is a timely technology that meets our evolving requirements and best practices for a digital mailroom and digital records room,” said Jason Landers CIO at Drew Eckl & Farnham. “Digital transformation is key to our business objectives now and moving forward, and we are satisfied that the Airmail2 Suite productively moves paper into our digital processes and disciplines so that we can leverage our investment in iManage.”

“The Airmail2 Suite is DocSolid’s comprehensive solution to help firms securely, reliably and efficiently deliver legal documents to a distributed workforce and to socially distanced in-house teams,” said Steve Irons, President of DocSolid. “Digitizing paper records has a new, clarified ROI – real estate reduction. Together, Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room drive matter governance from iManage and eliminate the cost and risk of paper records. In these times Airmail2 lights up a digital transformation for iManage users.”

“With the vast adoption of remote working, a connected digital experience has taken on even greater importance to help legal organizations and other professional services firms securely manage the fluidity, efficiency and outcomes of their processes,” said Dean Leung, Chief Customer Officer, iManage. Airmail2 from DocSolid drives firms in their digital transformation by systematically digitizing the paper of daily mail and matter files, allowing firms to tap into workflow, search, security and anytime, anywhere access enabled by their iManage DMS.”

Learn more about Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and Digital Records Room here.

Airmail2 is iManage Universal API Certified
Michael Herzog
Author: Michael Herzog

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