DocSolid Issues Major Release of Airmail2 Digital Mailroom – Workflows and Communications Hub Additions


PHOENIX, AZ – (March 7, 2022) – DocSolid, the legal technology experts for enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions, today announces a major new release of its market leading digital mailroom software, Airmail2 Digital Mailroom.  This significant, new version now includes the Airmail2 Hub, providing structured communications from digital mail recipients back to the mailroom  operators to further enhance attorney productivity. Additionally, a comprehensive new workflow subsystem facilitates creation of multiple workflows based on the type of mail received or departmental requirements. Airmail2 featuring the Airmail2 Hub and new workflow facility is currently available and in production with DocSolid clients nationally.

Airmail2 Digital Mailroom sets the industry standard for secure, efficient and reliable delivery of digital mail and is the only market solution to simultaneously satisfy the best practice requirements of all key stakeholders who touch law firms’ digital mail:  attorneys’ needs for productivity and efficiency, CISO’s needs for security, and IG and records professionals’ needs for governance and compliance.

Airmail2 provides direct delivery of scanned postal mail to firms’ document management systems (DMS) of choice, including iManage and NetDocuments, where client information can be seamlessly secured, governed and processed.  With Airmail2, attorneys are liberated from the security concerns and inefficiencies of receiving and filing sensitive client information through email platforms and unmanaged digital handoffs.

Airmail2 Hub enables attorneys, at the touch of a button, to communicate quickly and directly with mail operators on a variety of common issues that arise in mail handling through a ticketed communication channel. Attorneys select from a pre-set menu of customized instructions to easily communicate to mail operators instructions including:  physical document disposition, notifications to fix images, requests to scan envelopes, or instructions on physical mail handling. Also, new workflows apply specialized routing and processing for mail items that need to intersect docketing, or administrative functions.

“Our Airmail2 Digital Mailroom has enjoyed strong uptake in the market and we’re feeding a vibrant set of new requirements back into the solution, based on customer experience,” said Steve Irons, President of DocSolid. “Every law firm now needs to make the digital mailroom a permanent, best practice operation and we are keeping the market lead for this solution by working closely with our customers.”

Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and Records Room solutions are built for the new hybrid law firm workforce, designed specifically for these new security, governance and productivity requirements:

  1. Efficient, best practice design for mailroom operations and legal mail recipients.
  2. Certified DMS integrations for iManage and NetDocuments, adaptable to specialized client configurations
  3. Quality controls for comprehensive QC workflows to ensure confident shredding and disposition
  4. Administrative and monitoring tools – help desk, dashboard, audits, reporting
  5. Stable deployment – enterprise-class server and security regimes, Web-based clients, mature DMS integrations and universal scan device support

Learn more about Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and its companion, Airmail2 Digital Records Room here.

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