A How-to Guide to Transform Your Mailroom for the Normal Now

As law firms transition from crisis management to long-term solutions for the Normal Now, a crafted Digital Mailroom is essential. Inbound legal mail needs to get in the DMS, not the email system where it is delayed and exposed.

If your firm is still scanning daily mail to email, how many of these challenges does your firm experience?

  1. The mailroom scanning operation is not integrated with the document management system (DMS).
  2. Scanned mail recipients must use their email inbox as a workflow tool to process daily mail.
  3. From an IT and security perspective, scanned legal mail ends up as unnamed PDF attachments stored in the email server, clogging storage space and compromising security and compliance for the related client information.
  4. After scanning, the physical paper mail is still manually distributed to attorneys’ or assistants’ desks, or stored in a makeshift file area, replicating the labor of the previous paper-based operation, in addition to the new labor for scanning operations.
  5. Attorneys and staff have complaints about the mail scanning results, such as delays, inadequate notifications, misdirected distribution, and scanned file quality issues.

DocSolid is pleased to offer the industry white paper, “7 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Mailroom Operation,” to help guide firms’ transformation to a fully Digital Mailroom.  It includes:

  • Requirements for Digital Mailroom Operation
  • Why Scan to Email Won’t Cut It
  • How to Assess the Current Mailroom Operation

Download the white paper here.

Airmail2 by DocSolid is engineered from the ground up to solve the productivity and information security requirements of law firms by providing direct delivery of postal mail to the firm’s document management system (DMS), where sensitive information can be protected and governed by the DMS best practices.

Airmail2 by DocSolid enables clerical operators with minimal training and without login access to the DMS to scan, QC, and directly deliver postal mail in electronic form to the firm’s DMS of choice.  DocSolid’s Airmail2 Digital Mailroom provides:

    • Scanned mail delivery to iManage and other DMS systems
    • DMS matter lookups when full profiling is required
    • Mapped mail delivery to attorneys and legal assistants with automated notifications
    • Batch workflows for productive alignment with legal office staffing resources
    • Internet hosted or on-premise deployment

Learn more about Airmail2 here.

Michael Herzog
Author: Michael Herzog

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