DocSolid Airmail2® Digital Mailroom Implemented by Bricker & Eckler, Gains Firm Significant Efficiencies


PHOENIX, AZ – (May 16, 2022) – DocSolid, the legal technology experts for enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions, announces Bricker & Eckler, a 137-attorney firm with multiple offices throughout Ohio, has selected Airmail2 for the secure delivery of digital mail to the iManage Work document and email management application, part of the iManage knowledge work platform.  With Airmail2, Bricker centralized their mailroom for the firm, gaining efficiencies and best practice for digital mail, firm-wide.

The shift to hybrid operations has accelerated technology adoption and digitization strategies.  Now more than ever, technology is and must be a business enabler with optimized efficiency and workflows.

This is Airmail2 Digital Mailroom by DocSolid.   Only Airmail2 was designed as a business enablement tool for law firms’ digital mail delivery with direct integration with firms’ document management systems. Airmail 2 sets the industry standard for the efficient, governed delivery of digital mail, and features:

  1. Efficient, best practice design for mailroom operations and legal mail recipients.
  2. Certified DMS integrations for iManage, adaptable to specialized client configurations
  3. Quality controls for comprehensive QC workflows to ensure confident shredding and disposition
  4. Administrative and monitoring tools – help desk, dashboard, audits, reporting
  5. Stable deployment – enterprise-class server and security regimes, Web-based clients, mature DMS integrations and universal scan device support

“Bricker & Eckler now has a best practice digital mailroom, delivering inbound legal mail to recipient mail folders in iManage.” said Steve Irons, President of DocSolid. “They’ve established governance and security for client information in their mailroom operation and have set themselves up for productivity in the new hybrid workplace.”

A recently added feature, Airmail2 Hub, lets attorneys communicate back to the mailroom through a ticketed messaging channel  on a variety of common issues that arise in digital mail handling. Attorneys viewing a digital mail item can initiate tailored instructions to the mailroom including physical document disposition, notifications to fix images, requests to scan envelopes, or ad hoc instructions on physical mail handling. Also, new workflows apply specialized routing and processing for mail items that need to intersect docketing, group notifications, or administrative departments.

“Legal professionals need ways to create and collaborate, particularly in today’s hybrid work environment,” said Dean Leung, Chief Customer Success Officer, iManage.  “Innovative technology partners like DocSolid build upon the functionality of our comprehensive knowledge work platform to enable firms like Bricker & Eckler to deliver better collaboration and connectivity and, ultimately, drive better business outcomes.”

Learn more about Airmail2 Digital Mailroom and its companion, Airmail2 Digital Records Room here.

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