DocSolid Releases Industry White Paper, “Digital Mailroom Best Practices for Governance and Security,” at ILTACON


PHOENIX, AZ – (August 17, 2022) – DocSolid, the legal technology experts for enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions, today announces the release of the industry white paper, “Digital Mailroom Best Practices for Governance and Security” at ILTACON.  The white paper describes the security and governance risks law firms engage in when scanning sensitive client information contained in inbound daily mail and sending as email attachments, as well as provides a detailed best practice roadmap to eliminate these risks.

When the pandemic sent the workforce to home offices, most law firms stood-up temporary scan-to-email operations to deliver inbound mail to remote attorneys.  These operations attached unnamed PDFs to send to remote recipients via email.  As hybrid operations become permanent, law firms require a long-term best practice solution to deliver inbound, sensitive client information to attorneys efficiently, securely and aligned with information governance needs.

The industry white paper, “Digital Mailroom Best Practices for Governance and Security,’ details how scan-to-email solutions expose firms to a wide variety of security risks, undermine information governance procedures, and impede process integrity. The white paper then details a best practice roadmap to eliminate these risks. Some of the risks encountered by current scanning mailrooms include:

  • Lack of DMS controls. When scanned mail documents are trafficked by email outside of the document management system (DMS), a firm cannot secure or govern them, multiplying risk exposure across the firm.
  • Email and cyber risk. As remote work increased cyber threats by 3x, email-based processes expose the firm to that increased cyber risk, wrong-recipient errors, and provides no process visibility or tracking for digital mail item handling.
  • Mishandling of PII. When an email message or attachment contains personally identifiable information (PII), firms are obligated to protect it in accordance with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations, a process at which scan-to-email methods fail.

Central to the detailed best practices in the white paper is shifting from email as the delivery mechanism for client information to the document management system, which eliminates the risks associated with PDF email attachments.  The document management system is the technology of choice for 98% of all law firms to protect and govern sensitive client information, and is the firm’s system of record.

Steve Irons, President of DocSolid, comments: “DocSolid’s Airmail2 Digital Mailroom leverages a firm’s document management system to remove the security and governance risks of PDF email attachments. Firms cannot continue to expose client information based on the makeshift scanning mailrooms set up at the start of the pandemic. The good news is that Airmail2 not only removes those risks, its productivity gains for the mailroom and legal staff pay off the system in less than a year.”

Now recognized as the industry standard, Airmail2 by DocSolid was engineered from the ground up to solve the governance, security and productivity requirements of the law firm mailroom hybrid operation.  Only Airmail2 provides direct delivery of postal mail seamlessly to the firm’s document management system (DMS), where sensitive information can be properly protected and governed by DMS protocols.

Airmail2 features include:

  1. Efficient, best practice design for mailroom operations and legal mail recipients, and for records room projects
  2. Certified DMS integrations for iManage and NetDocuments, adaptable to specialized client configurations
  3. Quality controls for comprehensive QC workflows to ensure confident shredding and disposition
  4. Administrative and monitoring tools – help desk, dashboard, audits, reporting
  5. Stable deployment – enterprise-class server and security regimes, Web-based clients and universal scan device support

To download the white paper, Digital Mailroom Best Practices for Governance and Security,” go here.

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