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11 06, 2012

How Dechert CIO Reduces The Cost of Paper Records

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An international law firm with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, Dechert has top-ranked, world-class practices in corporate and securities, complex litigation, finance
and real estate and financial services and asset management.

In 2007, Michael Shannon, the firms’ CIO, began his evaluation of law firm document imaging solutions which led to the firm’s adoption of DocSolid’s KwikTag.

Dechert Case Study by DocSolid

29 05, 2012

How Royston Rayzor Saves $46K a Year in Paper Storage Costs with Enterprise Scanning

2018-11-17T18:41:51-07:00May 29th, 2012|Case Studies|

Established in 1892 in Galveston, Texas, Royston, Rayzor, Vickery and Williams has five offices in South Texas, including Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Brownsville. The firm focuses on the defense of transportation, energy, industrial and maritime concerns and their insurers… But the challenge that pushed us to actually embrace scanning was born out of our accounting department.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Royston Rayzor – FindLaw”]

21 05, 2012

10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness

2012-05-21T10:33:47-07:00May 21st, 2012|Paper2Digital Blog|

Here at DocSolid, we’re proud of the fact that we are able to see the paper problem in a different way. Focusing on people rather than technology. But even we get reminded that our brains make decisions for us without our knowledge.

Holly Green, a contributor at provides us with a short test as an example of this idea.

10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness – Forbes via @sharethis

8 05, 2012

DocSolid Expands Sales Management with Addition of Dean Hillery

2018-04-04T23:08:52-07:00May 8th, 2012|Press Releases|


DocSolid Expands Sales Management with Addition of Dean Hillery

PHOENIX – May 8, 2012 – DocSolid, a leader in document scanning solutions for the legal market, today announced that it has hired Dean Hillery as its Channel Sales Director. In this position, Dean will use his extensive experience to drive partnership and business development opportunities that will continue the company’s growth.

Dean brings more than 20 years of expertise to the DocSolid team, which includes sales management roles at Nuance-eCopy, Open Archive Systems and GTX Corporation. His skills, including channel positioning, go-to-market programs and extensive knowledge of electronic document imaging, will help build partnerships to bring enterprise scan capture solutions to the legal market.

“DocSolid is committed to helping law firms with their Scanbition–a strategic plan for firm-wide scanning,” said Steve Irons, president of DocSolid. “Dean’s deep experience in channel development will extend our commitment and reach into the legal market.”

The past year has yielded a number of accomplishments for DocSolid, including the acquisition of the KwikTag license for the worldwide legal market, the addition of a new vice president of technology and the kick-off of a 22-city roadshow for local ILTA chapters nationwide. To read about the latest DocSolid news, visit

About DocSolid
DocSolid creates, sells and supports scanning and document imaging solutions for the legal market, managed print services, and the corporate enterprise. These patented solutions are enterprise-level implementations that streamline paper-burdened business activities and integrate with line-of-business software. DocSolid integrates with leading legal industry solutions, including Autonomy iManage, Open Text, Worldox, Thomson Elite and Aderant. DocSolid represents the industry’s most experienced team of capture experts and serves thousands of worldwide users. Advancing simple, productive ways for clients to do more with less paper™, DocSolid connects people, process and documents. More information about DocSolid, including solution demos, is available at


18 04, 2012

DocSolid Tackles Scanbition at ALA Conference

2012-04-18T05:35:51-07:00April 18th, 2012|Press Releases|


DocSolid Tackles Scanbition at ALA Conference with Presentation from Vice President David Guilbault

PHOENIX – April 18, 2012 – DocSolid, a leader in document scanning solutions for the legal market, today announced that its Vice President David Guilbault will be presenting at the Association of Legal Administrators’ (ALA) Annual Conference. The session titled “Scan with a Plan: What Is Your Firm’s Scanbition?” is scheduled for April 24 at 2:15 PM and outlines how strategic scanning helps law firms reduce paper storage and expenses and create a more efficient work environment.

9 03, 2012

Scanbition – Wake Up and Smell the Paper!

2012-03-09T14:30:59-07:00March 9th, 2012|Paper2Digital Blog, Steve's Blog|

We’ve had some interesting discussions already in the first two cities of this year’s ILTA Roadshow, “What’s Your Scanbition? Scan with a Plan.“  Scanbition is our latest coined word from DocSolid, intended to challenge our thinking about why the legal industry is still overburdened with paper, despite having a scanner on every corner. Scanbition is a specific plan for firm-wide scan capture. Scanbition is hard to find. In Cleveland, the audience generally agreed that their firms didn’t have an implemented or stated Scanbition. So the question was asked:  Why not, you knuckleheads? (more…)

30 01, 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier – Scan

2012-01-30T00:17:50-07:00January 30th, 2012|Paper2Digital Blog, Steve's Blog|

‘Tinker Tailor Soldier – Scan’ is the story of how law firms scan their paper.

In a shameless rip-off of my wildly popular blog themes, it appears there has been a recent movie release of a similar title, ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, and a 1974 British spy novel of the same name by some hack named John le Carre. My attorneys will handle that matter. Let us regain our focus…

Scanbition™, as soon-to-be-defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary, is an organization’s ambition for enterprise scanning.

Law firms have a persistent inflow of paper burdening their business process. How they apply document scanning to fix this condition is the measure of their Scanbition. All law firms need document scanning. And all firms already have some type of baseline scanning at their office machines. Most firms don’t have any clear Scanbition. Scanbition establishes the critical objectives for scanning, and ultimately determines the benefits derived.

Back to our story, about law firm scanning as a Tinker, Tailor, and Soldier.

Tinker – Some firms just use whatever scanning comes with their office machines, as is. They don’t apply controls, productivity techniques, security or any standards to their scanning activity. At best, this tinkering approach is risky and inefficient. At worst, this approach to scanning results in lost information, compromised work, and related liability. Tinkering with scanning is like using email without folders or archiving – it appears to work on an ad hoc basis but it is not sustainable for the business. The Tinker is a stinker when it comes to enterprise scanning.

Tailor – When a practice, an attorney, or a particular matter demands scanning of related paper documents, job-specific requirements emerge. Scanned images must be profiled and stored in the related electronic matter in the document management system. Ongoing work must be done by the people who know the documents, when and where the documents arrive. Because the scanning solution is tailored to a specific set of job needs, and because this approach often is built upon existing hardware and software, the tailored solution tends to be narrow in scope, and often lacking in the robust features found in an enterprise class solution.

An example of Tailor scanning would be integrating a specific copier keypad to the network, security system, and the document management repository so that users at that machine could login and type filing instructions for each individual document to be scanned. This process can work, but it is tedious and error prone to type at a copier keypad, and of course it’s not feasible to replace the file room with scanned images using this type of firm-wide, machine-dependent technique.  But at least the Tailor is helping to clarify the challenge and rewards of enterprise scanning.

Soldier – The firm declares war on paper. It decides to integrate scan capture with the document management system, the accounting system, and the records system, firm-wide. It uses scanning to replace the file room, and to eventually eliminate off-site record storage. That comprehensive, long-term battle plan defines the enterprise scanning Solider.  A Soldier understands the challenge, and prepares to win or avoid the battles that lead up to winning the war on paper.

In our last blog, “What is Your Scanbition for Enterprise Scanning?”, we defined Enterprise Scanning and outlined the methods for achieving it. This is the work, and the reward of the Soldier. Ultimately, every firm must become the Soldier, unless it is acceptable to operate a paper file room that separates information from the electronic document management system. Ultimately, every firm must become the Soldier, unless it is acceptable to grow offsite paper records storage and retrievals, endlessly.

Conclusion – Paper capture is an information management process. It requires a best practice approach, implemented as an enterprise scanning platform. What is your firm’s approach to scanning firm-wide? Is your firm a Tinker, or a Tailor, or a Soldier?

24 01, 2012

DocSolid Releases KwikTag Legal

2018-04-04T23:08:53-07:00January 24th, 2012|Press Releases|


New version of the KwikTag enterprise scanning solution helps legal organizations reduce paper burdens while maximizing work efficiencies

PHOENIX – Jan. 24, 2012 – DocSolid, a leader in document scanning solutions for the legal market, announced today the availability of KwikTag® Legal. KwikTag Legal, an enterprise document scanning solution, was created to suit the unique needs of law firms and corporate legal departments and includes features such as PDF/A conversion, color document input, and advanced scalability. (more…)

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