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Gilbert LLP Drives NetDocuments Adoption and Builds a Digital Roadmap

When Gilbert LLP migrated their firm’s document management system (DMS) to NetDocuments in 2011, they gained some capabilities the firm had long sought, including improved searching, access from anywhere, and built-in disaster recovery. But not fully utilizing the document scanning solution meant the firm still had too much information locked up in paper or scanned records that were not properly OCRed and available for searching in the DMS. This is the story of how DocSolid's Postmark Scan helped the firm improve its NetDocs environment. Read how it was done in this new case study.

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Marshall Dennehey Goes Paper2Digital

Marshall Dennehey, one of the leading U.S. civil defense litigation firms with over 500 attorneys across 20 offices nationwide, has long recognized that digitizing inbound paper and making it part of the electronic matter file is crucial for efficient and effective legal work. This is the story of their Paper2Digital success. Read how it was done in this new case study.

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Going Paperless Cuts Costs, Improves Services

Lindquist & Vennum goes digital! Lindquist case study. Law Technology News features the paper-to-digital journey of this progressive firm. Read how Lindquist & Vennum built its plan, adopted best practices to remove paper from its operations, and deployed KwikTag Legal as the capture platform to make it happen.

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